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We have all heard of a "blown disc" or various terms referring to some sort of disc issue. There are several forms of disc issues in which that could be referring to. As depicted above, there are several disc issues that can arise. We deal with each of those on a regular basis. Your San Diego chiropractor seeks to improve the motion of the spinal segments, then looks to maintain that motion to help alleviate disc issues. We can also determine if the disc issue is out of realm and deem necessary for the patient to seek further consultation and will let the patient know that as well.

Pain Relief

Ensure that your spine is aligned to prevent that dreaded ‘blown disc.’ Our adjustment services ensure that your back is in place and your pain is alleviated.

Long-Term Solutions

Our solutions are not just quick fixes, they provide you with long-term confort. Our treatment plans are all uniquely designed to fit the needs of your body and lifestyle. Call us today for more information!

Preventative Means 

Our chiropractic work is just as effective before the pain starts. We offer preventative means to ensure that you never get to the point of pain. 

Is Chiropractic Care Right For My Disc Issues?

Disc issues cause an inexplicable amount of pain, ensure that you are feeling better faster with Gonstead Family Chiropractic. We provide you with that care that you need to alleviate all of your pain and start living life to the fullest again. 


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