Chiropractor Who Takes My Insurance | San Diego Chiropractor

If you are like many who have medical insurance. Then you know that you pay a premium for those and you’d like to use those benefits. If you have insurance benefits you can use those for your physical therapy for your chiropractic or your medical, so on and so forth. The worst part is when we see a lot of people don’t know what benefits they have, yet are paying for something or even dealing/suffering with something that could be taken care of. However if you are in need chiropractic care in San Diego, we would be more than happy to check on your benefits for you so you don’t have to go through the process of calling the insurance. Our staff is highly trained in dealing with insurance companies so that we can make sure we know what your coverages are and what they are not. We actually do this virtually so if you are looking to see if you are covered, simply text your insurance card to ‪(858) 859-1852‬ with your date of birth and we will be able to verify it as well as respond to you as soon as we have been informed of your coverages. If you wish to book online click here. 
We do except most major medical insurances that cover chiropractic care in San Diego. Some of the companies that we work with specifically are Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Kaiser, Sharp, Optum, American Specialty Health, United Healthcare, VEBA (California, San Diego unified school district) insurances. We are also a VA choice chiropractor for all of our veterans we offer affordable cash pricing for all patients who may not have chiropractic benefits to their insurance as well as military discounts for all active and retired if they are not through the VA.
So if you are searching for a chiropractor who takes insurance in San Diego or near you. We will do our best to help serve you. You may have things known as deductibles or co-pays, which your insurance company and your specific plan will dictate. 
If you do not have health insurance, please do not worry, we offer extremely affordable chiropractic care which is not only budget friendly, but family friendly. To top that off, we do offer military discounts for active and retired military personnel or Triwest.
So if you’re suffering or dealing with low back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, wrist pain please give us a call so we can help you get back on track in not only just live life but live life to the fullest in the way you want. Our goal at Gonstead Family Chiropractic is to ensure you have the best chiropractor experience in San Diego.
We put your health at the forefront of all decisions made in our chiropractic office, as a motto says your health is our priority and we don’t deviate from that ever. We can ever help you out please give us a call.

Injured In A Car Accident? What To Do If You Have Auto Accident Injuries

The sad reality is we all know someone who has been involved in a car accident, at least one if not multiple. How many of those people were injured, whether it be a minor fender bender, a tap in the parking lot, a major collision, or multiple car accident.  Here is a step by step process on what to do if you are ever involved in a car accident.
If you are like most people, following an accident we may go to the hospital to get checked out, which they are looking for any fractures and will more than likely prescribe some pain killing pills to help alleviate the pain following your car accident. But what if you knew the powerful effect a chiropractor near you can have on getting you back to optimal health following the car crash.
There are several common types of injuries that can be sustained during an auto accident, such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Disc Bulges
  • Neck Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Such As Sprains And Strains Of Ligaments
  • Herniated Discs
  • Bone Fractures

Some of the more common car accident injuries:

  • Neck Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Seat Belt Burns
  • Stiffness Of Your Body
  • Overall Soreness Of Your Body
  • Chest Pain 
  • Panic Attacks

Chiropractic has been shown time and time again to be extremely effective in reducing pain from car accident injuries. Chiropractic is a safe, precise, and effective approach to helping you alleviate your pains following getting in a car crash of any kind. There is no such thing as a too small or too large of a car collision. Even as little as 5-10 mph impact can cause whiplash.
What can be confusing for many are that pain from auto accidents does not have to show right away. It can take days before the pain from your car crash will present. In our San Diego chiropractic office we inform all those involved in a car accident that majority of discomfort will present within the first 72 hours following, however it can be longer at times as well. 
Not all pains or injuries from your car accident will be visible. Many of times they will be soft tissue, whiplash, neck pain, headaches, or other things you cannot necessarily see, but feel and experience. That is why it is so important to get yourself checked by one of the best auto accident chiropractors in San Diego, who specialize in personal injuries.

Gonstead Family Chiropractic
Gonstead Family Chiropractic

What makes Gonstead Family Chiropractic one of the best car accident chiropractors in San Diego is several things, but here are just a few:

  • In Office X-rays
  • Extensive Network To Get You The Care You Need QUICKLY
  • MRI Facilities nearby
  • We Work With The Best Personal Injury Attorneys in San Diego
  • Experience In Dealing With Injuries Sustained During A Auto Accident
  • Success in Treating Car Accident Injuries

If you are in the San Diego area and find yourself involved in a car accident with or without injuries, please give us a call to get your body checked to make sure you are truly ok. The sooner the better as the first 72 hours is where we see most patients dealing with pain after wrecking their car, motorcycle, or truck. We are committed to serving you with the absolute best chiropractic care in San Diego that we possibly can following your automotive accident. 
We have a couple main goals when you step into our office following your auto injuries:

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Restore Range Of Motion
  • Get You Back To Pre-Injury 
  • Provide Relief Of Pain

We do work on liens with personal injury attorneys to ensure you do not have to pay out of pocket.

Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy

Before everyone starts to read this. At most only 50% of the United States population can even have Round Ligament pain. And even fewer than that will ever experience the lower belly pain during pregnancy.
I bet even less than the 50% of the people who are able to have the pain even know what the Round Ligament is or what it does. the Round Ligament are two ligaments that holds up the Uterus on both sides.
It is not a common diagnosis compared to sciatica, low back pain, headaches, or car accidents. However to all of those mothers, this pain is very much real, it is very much annoying, and it is very much uncomfortable to say the least.
So many moms getting adjusted in our San Diego chiropractic office come in some time throughout their pregnancy describing this pain, but unsure what it is or how it can be alleviated.
We actually specialize in this exact form of pain that is one of the most common pains during pregnancy. Most mothers describe the pain as a pain in their lower belly or groin. It also is normally shows sometime during the second trimester of pregnancy. 
In our office we specialize in the Gonstead Chiropractic technique, however for this particular issue. We use a different style of adjusting known as Logan Basic technique. This technique is superb in helping those mothers suffering from Round Ligament pain feel significantly better by the time they stand up from their adjustment. 
As one of the best chiropractors in San Diego for pregnancy and pregnant mothers as well as children, this technique has helped hundreds if not thousands of mothers much like the person you are thinking of right now.
You may be unsure or uneasy or simply questioning, how a chiropractic adjustment can help reduce the pain of your Round Ligament. If we were to boil it down to extremely simple thoughts. The Logan Basic technique focuses on the parasympathetic nervous system which allows our body to rest. It is like the brake pedal to your car. It slows things down and allows tension, tight muscles, ligaments, etc relax therefore reducing discomfort and pain of the Round Ligament.
If you do not live in San Diego and are looking for a chiropractor as you go through your pregnancy, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us. We consistently help people find chiropractors worldwide. We always look to find you the best chiropractors in whichever area you need. Not just a google search, we have a wide range network, which allows us to feel confident that you will be in the right hands no matter where you are.

San Diego Chiropractor Offers ALL Military Discount - Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day not to just have off from work, or school, or a break from the hectic grind. It is rather a day that we get to celebrate, honor, remember, and thank those who have served this amazing country we call home. Could you imagine living where we did not have such amazing men and women protecting our freedom day in and day out? 
There is not much that I personally can do to thank these individuals, but I want to give it my best shot. So in our San Diego chiropractic office, we offer a Military Discount to ALL active and all retired military. But we prefer not to stop with what we can personally do, but we have also joined the VAchoice program as one of their chiropractic providers here in San Diego. We also have been involved with the Wounded Warrior Project as well as Active Valor.
Some of the worst cases we have seen here at Gonstead Family Chiropractic are form those veterans. So we ask, if you or someone you know or love is either active-duty or retired military and are suffering from one or more of the following:

  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Migraines 
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Knee Pain
  • Mid Back Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Buzzing In The Ears
  • And Much More

Have them reach out to see how we can help them. We are doing a New Patient Special, they can schedule their first appointment online, and we can sit down to hear what is going on with them.
We also have digital x-rays in our office, so they will not need to be referred out to another facility, we also accept most major insurances if they would prefer to do that as well.
But most importantly, we want to help our veterans live life to the fullest as they have allowed us to do that.
As a leading chiropractor in San Diego, we felt it is also our mission to help others whom may not be able to obtain help themselves. So we have decided til the end of 2019, we will be donating every single new patient exam and x-ray proceeds to Hands For Life of UTC. 
Enjoy this Veterans Day and help us, honor, celebrate, and thank all of the veterans out there who have and are protecting our freedom in this very instance.

How Bad Is Sugar For You?

Is sugar the bad guy? The controversy that flared up recently due to the leak of information on what causes heart disease. As we all know there is a test of time and a cycle that seemingly never ends on what is good for us, what is bad for us, what causes what.
So yes there are good and bad with all aspects of things. Lets start off with a making a very obvious and what we hope is well known statement, sugar is everywhere. For real, very few products do not contain sugar in one form or another. SO much that is actually accounts for 17% of the caloric intake of adults in the United States and 14% for children in the US. 
Here are 8 Big Reasons why sugar is bad for you:

1. Increased Risk For Type II Diabetes
I am sure by now everyone has heard of the sugar and diabetes debacle. Some may know, some may not, but over the last 30 years Type II Diabetes has more than doubled. Now to be forthcoming is sugar the only reason for this. Not necessarily. Obesity is actually the highest risk factor for developing Type II Diabetes. Yes developing. This is not something you are given (that is Type I Diabetes, where it is genetic). So when thinking about this condition realize it is AVOIDABLE or what we discuss at our chiropractic office in San Diego, PREVENTABLE.

2. Can Cause Weight Gain
It has been considered by many as a main reason that our obesity rise is happening, that reason is sugar sweetened drinks. This can be juices, sodas, teas, etc. But regardless are sweetened via fructose, which is a simple sugar. When we have an increase or spike in fructose consumption, there is a higher chance your body will become resistant to a hormone known as leptin. This is a hormone that tells your body to stop eating, in essence regulates hunger. The sugar makes it taste good and you increase your caloric intake with those drinks, on top of causing your body to deregulate hunger.

3. Has Been Linked To Acne
Acne has been linked to diet for several years. Sugar is no different as it contributes to increase inflammation, oil secretion, and more that aid acne to develop. There is also several studies that support this claim. Here is a list from heathline of the 7 main foods leading to acne. It is important to know your diet and also how it affects you. What many people do not know is that our skin is our largest organ. It is actually a filtration organ as well as protection. What you see on the outward of our skin is actually directly linked to what is taking place on the inside. If there is toxins inside your body, it will show on the surface level as some point.

4. May Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease
This is really where the wheels fell off as noted in the opening. This is the point where the world discovered how bad sugar can really be for you and how there was a huge payout to cover up research. Heart disease is actually the number one cause of death worldwide. There is actually a study of approximately 30,000 people that showed if you consumed over 17% of your daily calories from sugar you had a 38% increase in heart disease. One drink containing a "normal" amount of sugar can actually put you over the limit for daily consumption of added sugar.

5. May Increase Risk Of Depression
Depression is an absolutely hot topic right now. How many of us have met someone who committed suicide, thought about committing it, or maybe something far less stream, but deal with depression daily. There are thousands suffering and we dont even know it. Now some may question this link between sugar and depression, so here is a study that was done, that ultimately concluded its correlation. It was performed on 8,000 men and found that those who consumed over 67 grams of sugar a day were 23% more likely to develop and suffer from depression.

6. May Increase Risk Of Cancer
This is one that many may not realize. But it has been said that sugar feeds cancer cells. Yes of course everyone that is reading this develops cancer cells within their bodies every single day, but if our immune systems are functioning properly, then it will fight/destroy those foreign cells within our body. Sugar plays a crucial part in this because it increases obesity (risk factor for cancer). There was actually a study performed on 430,000 people where they linked consuming sugar to increased risk of esophageal cancer, pleural cancer, and cancer of the small intestine.

7. May Accelerate Aging Of Your Skin
SO now comes a time for a little more in depth look at our skin and sugar consumption. When sugar is consumed it reacts with our bodies proteins and forms what are known as AGEs or Advanced glycation end products. This have been linked to wrinkling our skin. What the AGEs do, are they damage our collagen and elastin. When these two properties are damaged it creates the skin to sag as it loses firmness.

8. Drains Your Energy
We have all heard of the notorious sugar rush as kids. How many times have we been told not to eat candy before bed or to not give any candy to ones nephew, cousin, families child, etc. All too much. Well sugar actually drains your energy. After that huge spike in blood sugar which will cause insulin to be released to help combat that spike. When we add sugar it ultimately lowers energy levels and if we eat sugar often to keep that higher level of energy imagine the swings of energy our bodies are going through.

But what the heck does chiropractic have to do with sugar. Sugar affects your body. It puts stress on your body to produce insulin, stresses your body to use that energy, to fight those foreign cells (cancer), drains your energy. 
At our San Diego Chiropractic office, Gonstead Family Chiropractic, we look at what is causing our bodies to not handle stress well. Is it our nervous system stressed out that doesn't allow the body to determine the appropriate amounts of insulin to be released, do we have too many stressors within our body draining energy, when what it really needs is a system reset much like your iPhone or computer.
What if I told you some amazing side effects from getting chiropractic care were a better ability to handle stressors both external and internal ones, improved quality of sleep, more energy, and much more? Is that something that people would expect from one of the best chiropractors in San Diego? 
It is very valuable to know what is stressing out our bodies so we can prevent further health consequences by simply sweeping them under the rug.
The biggest thing that was not even talked about is inflammation and how sugar allows your body to increase inflammation. The harmful affects of having inflammation in your body is bar none some of the worst you can imagine. The studies that are coming out about it should definitely be taken very seriously. 
While inflammation can aid in developing health conditions, it also decreases the ability for your body to heal and adapt. The more inflammation in your body the less your body will be able to adapt to a chiropractic adjustment (ie the longer you will have pain). We always inform patients that while under care to drink more water (helps flush toxins), exercises (flushes the system as well), and work on diet to help the body adapt better to allow the adjustments to their spine hold longer and also be more effective.

San Diego Chiropractor Donates ALL New Patients Proceeds To Nonprofit

Holidays are upon us. During this season it is a time to give rather than get, but what if we could do both? What if you could better your health, while also allowing others to be given the gift of health?
What I am hinting around is for the rest of this year, we will be donating every single new patient proceeds directly to a nonprofit, Hands For Life of UTC.

Although with all those aches and pains that can occur game of golf is also extremely enjoyable to play with friends family and possibly even have a couple beverages out on some beautiful landscape and some of the overlook the city as well.

This nonprofit is designed and built on providing healthcare to those that are undeserved at no cost to them. Whether it be in nearby Tijuana or as far as the Dominican Republic. But it also provides safer drinking water and helps build better school structures in Tijuana and the Dominican Republic.      
So if you are suffering from low back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, want to be preventative in your health, or if you are an athlete suffering from some lingering injuries. You have found the right place here at Gonstead Family Chiropractic.   
Dr Zach Beatty, DC, is a leading chiropractor in San Diego. He focuses on the Gonstead chiropractic technique. Which is a highly sought after adjusting technique that focuses on very specific adjustments to maximize results so that you can live your life to the absolute fullest!      
We truly appreciate your support in allowing us to create an even healthier San Diego community through chiropractic, but this is a special thing that will allow so many more to feel the powerful effect of healthcare specifically chiropractic. All the while you are getting the best results possible. 

Full Disclaimer - We own/run the nonprofit, however the money being donated is going into providing no-charge care for those suffering in these third world countries with literally no one to turn to. We have dedicated ourselves to providing care with no expectations of financial obligation from them what so ever.

4th Annual Costume Drive Benefiting the Monarch School

San Diego is one of the greatest communities in America - personal opinion. Every October we do a costume drive for a special school in downtown San Diego - The Monarch School. The Monarch school is a school that helps houses and educates hundreds of our 23,000 children affected by homelessness in San Diego County. We all know how homeless in San Diego is of growing concern. 
I am a San Diego chiropractor and also run a non-profit in San Diego. It is really important for us to give back to our amazing community. This year is no different. From October 1st to October 25th we are conducting our fourth annual Costume Drive. We will be collecting gently used and new costumes designed for children kindergarten to 5th grade, which equates to kids size small to adult mediums.

There are two drop off locations. The first drop off location is our chiropractic office in Kearny Mesa San Diego, Gonstead Family Chiropractic. We are a centrally located chiropractic office in San Diego right off of the 52 and Convoy Street exit. The second costume drop off location is Avanti Harcourts - The Salas Group located in Solana Beach, CA.

Last year we were able to collect close to 200 costumes, where the children from the Monarch School were then able to hand select their favorite costume to dress up for Halloween. 
So I am asking all of you that live in San Diego, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Clairemont, UTC, Del Mar, and all surrounding communities of San Diego County to please reach out to offer any gently used or new costumes. 

How To Know If I Tore My ACL?

Gonstead Family Chiropractic
Gonstead Family Chiropractic

Very common question with a somewhat complicated answer. There are so many variables to consider, recall, and investigate. 
First question you should always ask is did I hear a pop in my knee? If the answer is yes, then we go down a specific set of questions and investigation. If the answer is no, then there is another route of investigation we would go.
When someone says, I heard a pop in my knee. The next questions to ask is, how did it happen, were you cutting, planted, twisted, hit from the side or straight on, etc.
When did it begin to swell? Did your knee begin to swell immediately, did the knee start swelling 24 hours after injury, 12 hours after.
Can you walk on it, can you bend your knee, have you had a recent concussion?
The next phase after asking all the right questions is to perform a series of tests. During this phase of testing, is the knee ligaments. The tests will provide tons of information into answering if we are dealing with a sprain/strain or possible tears, or is it more of a meniscus tear in the knee. Openly honest here, do these tests have 100% reliability, no they don't always. There are some errors, but that is why we do not rely solely just on this during our testing phase. If there is laxity beyond the normal. It is typical and very common practice to refer out for an MRI.
The reason for an MRI is to provide definitive answers as to if its a torn ACL, MCL, PCL, Meniscus, etc. If there is a tear, is it full thickness, small tear, or micro-tearing.
Now comes 3 major options based on the results from everything leading up to this point.
1. Surgery  - When should I go in for knee surgery?
2. Rehab - Think Physical Therapy, icing, exercises, stretches, etc.
3. Adjustments - Tibial rotation, Tibial and Femoral misalignment, feet, hips, low back, etc.

Maybe a combination of or possibly all three. That is why we specialize in knee injuries. As a premiere sports chiropractor in San Diego as well as experience serving as a team chiropractor for professional teams, high schools athletics, as well as being a former high school and collegiate athlete, we get it.
If you are an athlete, our job as your San Diego Chiropractor, is to get you back on into the game as soon as possible. If you are a weekend warrior, we want to get you back out there ASAP as well, even if you are neither, we still want to get you back to living life all out!

I Woke Up With A Stiff Neck - Neck Pain, Not Again! San Diego Chiropractor

How many times have you woken up with a neck pain that just wont seem to go away? I know I have. The worst part of it all is obviously the pain, but why the heck is it happening, what can be done to prevent it, and what can be done to alleviate it. 
The best news is that you do not have to wake up with a stiff neck anymore! And here is the what, why, and how.
So lets start from the beginning. You are going to bed without neck pain, without discomfort. If you are going to bed with one of those discomforts in your cervical spine, can we agree it is time to get that checked out by your local chiropractor in San Diego or your local community. Here in San Diego, we have become one of the best chiropractor in San Diego. But continuing on, a specific thing to consider is how are you sleeping. The obvious main ways, on your back, are you a side sleeper, do you sleep on your stomach. These all play a huge factor in this.
There are pros and cons to each of the three ways to sleep. The best way is clearly on your back as it does not put a lot of stress on your back. While the worst is on your stomach. It is the worst due to the fact that you not only put a tremendous amount of pressure on your low back, but you also end up turning your head, placing your neck in a compromised position. While sleeping on  your side can be a happy medium for the majority of people, if done improperly can actually be one of the worst. If you are a side sleeper, but are turning it more into the fetal position, then this is when things can get bad. It will quickly become a major issue for your body specifically your spine with extremely poor posture.
The next thing to consider is the pillow you are using, the mattress you are sleeping, and things like that. We can get into that in another blog posting, but for now the essentials of trying to get a mattress. Try to keep a mattress that is as firm as possibly, but while also being comfortable enough to sleep on. As for the pillow, I prefer the pillow be as thin as comfortable while sleeping on your back, however once you become asleep on your side or stomach all bets are off on that.
So while we are sleeping what is causing us to wake up with a stiff neck. Well a lot of things place factor into this issue. It could be stress both conscious and subconscious. Could be as simple as a cool breeze that led our muscles to spasm creating massive pain in our neck, also known as torticollis. This can be very common in children or babies. We are a premiere chiropractor for kids in San Diego.
So what is it that can be done. We are the experts in dealing with neck pain, neck stiffness, stress, as well as many other ailments. What we focus on is the nervous system and the alignment of the bones in our spine (vertebrae). If there is a misalignment of a bone in your spine, pressure can therefore be placed upon the nerves but also can create muscles to tighten up in the area or guard the area.
What we do is detect the pressure on the spinal nerves through a device called the nervoscope. We then palpate or feel the spine to determine which spinal bone is out of place so we can decrease the pressure on that specific nerve through gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments.
If you wake up with neck pain or a wake up with a stiff neck, give a chiropractor nearby a call to help you out. We are a Gonstead chiropractor in San Diego California and if we can ever help you, please let us know.

Texting And Driving - STOP IT! Car Accident Chiropractor In San Diego

Did you know that statistics show being involved in an auto accident in San Diego, is not a matter of IF, but rather WHEN. Statistics show in San Diego county, people on average of one accident per every 7 years, while in Los Angeles county it is 1 car accident every 5 years. Unsure what to do if you are involved in a car accident?! Check out this step by step of what to do when you least expect it or simply stop in at our office and grab a free glove-box brochure stating step by step instructions.
Let me be the first to say, that auto accidents, are not just an inconvenience to your mobility of driving, but the potential for your health both short and long term, a loss in wages due to missing work, and everything in between. Obviously the worst part is your health whether it is a concussion, migraines, whiplash, neck pain, low back pain, sciatic pain, or other injuries sustained during your car accident. Now what is the cause of the majority of auto accidents in San Diego, who knows, but I can confidently say that texting and driving is a huge problem. Think this is just another rant, check out these statistics that show 54% of drivers say they have been hit or nearly hit by people texting while driving among other astonishing facts.  Please set your phones down because maybe you won’t get hurt if you hit someone, but imagine you hurting someone else and that feeling that comes with it?
Did you know in San Diego County over 65% of people are driving without insurance or under-insured? What that means is if you’re involved in a car accident. So if you’re involved in a car accident in San Diego and the other party has liability only or no insurance guess who is on the hook for all medical expenses car expenses lost wages lost days of work anything else that may have occurred. Yes that is right, it is you. Because liability means that they have $15,000 of coverage that is the absolute maximum that you ever be able to get from that accident from the other party that caused the collision to cover any and all damages, medical expense, etc. Do you know what the average cost of A ambulance ride. Well it is your lucky day, check out this article from the LA Times (yes it is from 2017), stating an ambulance ride is $3,660. Also San Diego approved a 24% increase in their ambulance rides, so check this out from the San Diego Tribune. Do you know what the average cost of an MRI is, try a range from $200-$6,500. The average cost of x-rays, lets try $50-$30,000! The average cost of your deductible on your car is usually from $250-$1,000. This is not a joke I would strongly recommend getting a great auto coverage from a trusted auto insurance agent, who cares more about your health than selling you a policy. If you are unsure what all of the policy things are such as deductible, medical payments, or something else, here is a great resource from the California Insurance Commissioner. What you invest now will save you thousands of dollars and also allow you have less hassle and less headaches later on.
If you are involved in a car accident in San Diego or even Orange County. I would 100% recommend you getting an attorney to make sure you were medical bills are covered there is nothing worse than when we see patients who was involved in a car accident that cannot go to work, cannot make a paycheck, can no longer drive, and yet the bills don’t stop nether does their life in general.

If you are not injured in an accident or you do not feel anything at first day, remember you have adrenaline rushing throughout your body (minor collision or not).  I would still highly recommend you get checked out. Making sure because the first 72 hours are crucial in that event of an auto accident. Because the first 72 hours is typically when the injuries sustained will show themselves, however I’ve seen this time and time again where individuals may go a week, a month , three months or even six months before that pain sets in and it is a whole other level of pain and discomfort that started 20 years ago because the degenerative change all started with that impact.
As one of the best chiropractors in San Diego for car accidents please get checked by your local chiropractor. We specialize in those involved in a car accident. They have suffered from concussions, headaches, whiplash, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and other injuries they can be sustained during a collision. Auto accident injuries are no joke. They can create a lifelong issues if not properly treated in it in the initial phase. So again Please go get checked by your San Diego auto accident chiropractor. There’s no need for you to suffer now, then, or in the future.

In our office we do perform the Gonstead technique of chiropractic, we also provide in-office digital x-rays, and gentle effective chiropractic adjustments. We also make sure to do a very thorough history and detailed examination so we know exactly what injuries you sustained.

We work with some of the best attorneys in San Diego, the best medical groups if we ever need an MRI, a neurologist , or some other referral based on our clinical findings of your injuries, we are blessed by having such a wide array of contacts to ensure you are taken care of by the best of San Diego.  We have so many people at our disposal to make sure that your livelihood your health your family’s health will continue to not just survive, but thrive even if you’re involved in an auto accident Sustained injuries.


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